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Incoming Exchange

The Education Abroad Office at East Carolina University (ECU) welcomes exchange students to study for a semester or a year  Students are eligible to take part in this exchange if their home university/institution has an exchange agreement with ECU.

Students interested in attending ECU on exchange will need to contact their home university's International Office to get more information.

Application Process
Pre-arrival & Arrival Information
Life at ECU
Returning Home 

Application Process

1. A student must be nominated by their home university's International Office.
2. Once a student has been nominated to ECU, they can begin the online application.
*ISEP Applicants use this link: Incoming ISEP Application

*If you are coming to ECU as part of the North Carolina/Baden Wurttemberg program in Germany (NC/BW) or from Fudan University in China, you will use this application: Incoming UNCEP Application.

*International exchange students coming from a partner or bilateral program should use the following link: International Exchange Student Application
  • The online application will require that you upload some documents; such as: your passport picture page, a transcript of classes you have completed and are currently taking, proof of English language proficiency if applicable.
  • You will also need to be able to provide proof of financial means to cover the cost of exchange as well as list classes you would like to take while on exchange at ECU.
  • Students will also need to provide proof of immunizations to ensure he or she meets the required standards set forth by the state of North Carolina.
3. After the student has filled out all the necessary paperwork online, he or she will receive an acceptance packet which will also include a DS 2019, which is required in order to obtain the J-1 exchange visa.

Pre-Arrival and Arrival Information

Once you receive your acceptance packet, please read the information included as it will guide you through paying the SEVIS fee and activating your Pirate ID. It is recommended that you make your appointment with the U.S. Consulate upon receiving your acceptance packet and purchasing your flight upon receiving your J-1 visa.

You will also need to be prepared to turn in your immunization records and will need to show proof of health insurance that meet the J-1 regulations or purchase an ECU health insurance plan. All students at ECU must have health insurance.

All new international students must attend orientation prior to the start of classes. At orientation, students will get the chance to meet other international students, learn about ECU student services and get information to stay in positive visa status. Students will also get the chance tor receive any immunizations or vaccinations that were not completed prior to arrival.

Exchange students are required to live on campus. Spots are specifically set aside for exchange students and exchange students are able to move into their on campus housing the day prior to orientation.

More helpful information can be viewed on our electronic arrival guide:

Life at ECU

ECU students have an array of ways to get involved and be entertained outside of academic at ECU. There are many student organizations, sport clubs, intramurals and activities to get involved with. You can view information about student life by looking at the current students website.

As an ECU student, you will receive free tickets to sporting events as well as entrance to the student recreation center. There are also opportunities to receive reduced price entrance to plays, musical performances and speakers on campus.

Most likely, you will not have a car while you are here on exchange; however, ECU has an extensive bus system that gives students a safe way for getting around Greenville as well as around campus.

Returning Home

At the end of your exchange program, a transcript of records (grades and credits) will be mailed to your home university within 30 days of your program end date. As an exchange student, only one transcript can be ordered and shipped to your home university at no cost. If you wish to order an additional transcript for yourself, you can order one by following the instructions on the Registrar's website.

The J-1 visa program allows students to stay in the United States for a period of 30 days beyond the program end date listed on the DS 2019. Students must make arrangements to depart the U.S. in accordance to the J-1 visa rules. Students that are from a country that is part of the visa waiver program he or she would be allowed to continue traveling the U.S. after initially departing the country and re-entering on a tourist visa. More information about the Visa Waiver Program can be found on the US Department of State Website.