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ECU offers many options for study abroad. Please review the choices below and click the program group for more information..




Bilateral Exchange Programs

Bilateral programs are ones where ECU has direct relationships with universities overseas with whom we exchange students. There are over 20 institutions in 16 countries that we work with. Spaces can sometimes be limited in certain locations as ECU has to maintain a balance of how many students ECU sends and receives with each university. You can visit our bi-lateral partner programs by CLICKING HERE.

University of North Carolina Exchange Program (UNCEP)

The University of North Carolina system has created this consortium to allow all UNC system students a variety of program abroad options. If you have a friend at another UNC school who you’d like to study abroad with, these would be great programs to choose as you would both know that your respective universities approve of these programs. Just like with bi-lateral exchange, spaces can be limited as the UNC system has to make sure that we keep the balance between UNC students studying abroad even with the number of exchange students who study at UNC schools. To view available programs, please see the list of UNC by CLICKING HERE

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

ECU students are  able to participate in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). ISEP programs give students more options for choosing universities in other countries as well as Puerto Rico. Through ISEP, there are two options: 1. exchange and 2. direct. Exchange is just like the other exchange programs in that we have to keep a balance between how many students we send and how many students ECU accepts which makes some programs harder to get accepted into. The direct option allows students who desire a specific location or program an increased likelihood of being placed at that particular program. The difference between the two is cost. With exchange, students will pay housing, tuition and meals all to ECU at ECU rates in addition to the application fee. With the direct option, students will pay housing, tuition and sometimes meals directly to the host university as well as the application fee. That amount may be more expensive than a semester at ECU.

To explore programs, please visit the ISEP list of programs page by CLICKING HERE. To apply for these programs, please view the applications & deadlines page.

ISEP Summer Programs

ISEP offers limited summer programs with the direct and exchange options. To explore these programs, please visit the list ISEP summer page.

Consortium Programs

UNCC Semester in Spain, UNCW Semester in Paris, IYLC Granada, Western Japan Consortium

In addition to the UNCEP program, other UNC universities allow ECU students to participate in their own programs. Please click on one of the following options to get more information.

UNC Charlotte Semester in Spain

The semester in Spain program is run out of UNC Charlotte. The program is located in Santander, Spain and classes are taught by the faculty at the Universidad de Cantabria. Students take Spanish language classes as well as electives in other subject areas.  Participating students will travel together on a group flight from Charlotte and stay with host families. More information can be found here:

UNCW Paris

Through UNC Wilmington, ECU students can take part in a semester or academic year program in Paris. Students must have fluency at the second year college level. This program offers homestays, regular language assessment, personal advising on site and is open to all majors. For more information about this program, please go here.


ECU students have the option of participating in ILYC Granada for a semester or year. Students live with host families and take intensive Spanish classes. You can view more information by visiting the ILYC website.

Western Japan Consortium

UNC Wilmington, Western Carolina University and ECU are all members of the Western Japan Consortium which allows us to exchange students with the following three Universities in Japan: Osaka Kyoiku, Hiroshima University Faculty of Education (fall only) and Naruto University of Education (fall only). Available subject areas include intermediate through advanced Japanese language and examples of classes taught in English are: Soccer, Basketball, Pottery, Japanese Culture and Calligraphy. All three universities offer orientation upon arrival, field trips/excursions and social events.

There are a limited amount of spots each year. For more information, please contact the study abroad office at

ECU Summer Faculty-Led: Italy Intensives & Short Term Summer

There are also short-term faculty led study abroad programs that are mainly run in the summer. You can view the most recent list of programs summer programs here and spring break programs here.

ECU Semester Faculty-Led Program: Italy Intensives

ECU currently has one faculty led semester program called Italy Intensives and it is available to ALL students from ALL majors.  This program allows students to study in Italy for an entire semester, taking our own ECU classes, from our ECU catalog.  It is offered during Fall, Spring or Summer sessions. You can find more information about ECU's Italy program on the Italy Intensives website. You can also start an application by going to the Italy Intensives application page.

Non-ECU programs:

Some students find a program not affiliated with ECU that fits his or her needs better. But if you decide to go on a program not affiliated with ECU, just know that some forms will still need to be filled out for ECU to ensure access to ECU financial aid and to make sure you have a smooth transition when you return from your semester abroad.

Register your non-ECU program abroad by clicking the apply now button on the following page: NON-ECU Program Registration.


Once you have started the online application, please make an appointment with Study Abroad Office to go over your paperwork. You can send your available days and times to