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Meet our Global Ambassadors!

Global Ambassadors are returned study abroad students who are here to help students interested in going overseas find their way through the application and advising process.  Feel free to contact any of the Global Pirates with questions!

You can apply to be a Global Ambassador here.  Applications are open through August 20!

Ankita MishraAnkita

Tell us about yourself.
I’m Ankita Mishra and I’m from Cary, NC and was born in Northern India. I am completing a B.S. in Public Health Studies with a concentration in pre-health. I enjoy reading, biking, watching documentaries, learning about other cultures, and travelling. I hope to join the field of medicine after my undergraduate career by pursuing a Masters in Global Health Studies and (hopefully) a Medical Degree.

Where did you study abroad? 
I studied abroad during the spring of 2016 at HAN University in Nijmegen, Netherlands- the oldest city in the country. During my time abroad, I completed a minor in Internationalization (International Health Care) and worked with the university’s partners in Belgium and Sweden to complete a research project on Nursing Leadership.

What is your favorite memory from your time abroad?
While on the way back from our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, my friends and I missed our train from Köln, Germany to Nijmegen, Netherlands. Instead of buying another ticket, we decided to train-jump from Köln to Nijmegen. After a lot of confusion and a little bit of luck, we got back to Nijmegen without paying any fines after hopping on four different trains!

How has studying abroad helped your personally?
 My time abroad has helped me grow tremendously as a person. I have become exponentially more confident in myself and a little less introverted than I once used to be. Completing an exchange program allowed me to be around people from all over the world and gave me the opportunity to learn and grow from their stories. The world now seems much smaller as do the differences among others and myself, making me more of an open-minded and curious person.

Do you plan to go abroad again?
One way or another, I am determined to find an opportunity to be back abroad! The realization that the world is ever so interconnected has drawn me into looking for opportunities in the field of global health. Whether it is as a medical doctor or a public health professional, I see myself in the future working towards the advancement in health of the world while travelling to places that I would have never imagined seeing in real life!

Email Ankita at for more information! 


Tell us about yourself.
I am a Senior and a Marketing and International Business major. I was born in Panama and lived in Honduras for 12 years. I speak Spanish fluently. I studied abroad in the Spring of 2016 in Montpellier, France. All my classes were in French, so I speak French as well. I absolutely adore traveling, meeting people from different places and watching soccer matches. 

What is your favorite memory from studying abroad?
I have too many favorite memories from studying abroad. Traveling to six different countries while I was there and getting to meet new people and hear different languages was definitely one of them. While I was in Rome, I was able to see the Pope give mass and I was in the third row and got to see him from really close up. I also saw one of my favorite bands in concert in Lyon, France. 

How has studying abroad impacted you personally?
Studying abroad has made me more independent. I learned how to get around places I don't know, how to not be shy and ask questions when I'm not sure about something. I also learned how to relate to people even if we have completely different backgrounds. I also learned how important traveling is to me and how I want traveling to be a huge part of my life in the future. 

Do you plan on going abroad again?
I definitely plan on going abroad again. I am thinking about getting my MBA from the American Business School in Paris. I also plan on living abroad for a couple of years,  preferably France. 

Email Marianne for more information at!


HunterHunter Marshall

Tell us about yourself! 
I graduated in December 2016 with a degree German studies and am currently a graduate student in the International Studies program. I studied abroad in the Spring and Fall semesters of 2015 in Mannheim, Germany, a city about a mile south of Frankfurt. 

What advice can you offer to students interested in studying abroad?
I would recommend to anyone interested in studying abroad, to just do your research on the country that'll best fit to your major/ interests and make sure to pack light, cause more than half the stuff you come with, won't come back with you! 

Do you plan on studying abroad again? 
I enjoyed my study abroad experience so much, that I plan on doing it again for my master's degree and would strongly recommend studying abroad to any student looking for a positive, life-changing experience.

How has study abroad helped you personally?
When I studied abroad, I was a junior at ECU and had never even flown before. At the time, I was excited, but didn't really know what to expect. Looking back, studying abroad was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I wouldn't trade the friendships and experiences for anything. One of the hardest aspects of studying abroad is overcoming that initial period of homesickness and culture shock, but once you start making friends and getting used to your city, you really start forgetting about all of that!

You can contact Hunter at


Rosa PiconeRosa

Tell us about yourself.
I studied in London, United Kingdom for the fall 2015 semester and in Tuscany, Italy during Summer 2016. I'm a senior from Richmond, Virginia studying Fashion Merchandising. 

What is your favorite memory from your time abroad? 
Primrose Hill is this huge hill outside central London. While walking up, it's bad luck to turn and look behind you until you get to the top. Once at the top, your turn around and have the entire London skyline in front of you. It is my favorite spot on this Earth and was the moment I knew my goal was to one day move my life to London.

How has studying abroad helped you in your personal life? 
Before study abroad I was quite a shy person. I would be scared to do something I wasn't comfortable with. Now, it's a whole different story and I'm a whole different person. I'm not scared to introduce myself to a stranger. It's also given me plenty to talk about in job interviews. It really gives you that edge over other candidates!!

Do you plan to go abroad again?
100%! There's so much offered in this world and so much I've yet to see. Currently, I'm trying to find a company that has an office in London in order to jump start my move! 

Email Rosa at to talk with her more about her experiences! 

KatieKatie Chandler

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Katie Chandler and I'm a junior at ECU. I'm a double major in Philosphy and History. I'm president of the Philosphy Honor society this year as well as a member of the history honor society, I'm also a philosophy tutor at the PASC on campus! I studied abroad three times through ECU, one semester abroad and two summer sessions. My semester abroad was to Italy and my two summer sessions were to South Africa and India. Since my study abroad trips I've traveled quite a bit on my own and with friends. This is my second year as a Global Ambassador! 

What is your favorite memory from your time abroad? 
My favorite memory from studying abroad is hard to narrow down. I have many memories that I remember fondly, a few of my favorites are my trip to the Taj Mahal in India, walking with lions and cage diving with sharks in South Africa, and seeing the amazing architecture in Rome!

What types of classes did you take? How were they different from courses at ECU? 
I've taken a bunch of different classes overseas including, fine arts and art courses,religious studies courses, history courses, and language courses. My study abroad trips were all faculty lead, so the classes were really similar to classes here at ECU.

How has your time abroad helped you personally? 
Studying abroad has influenced me a great deal;I'm now much more confident in myself and I'm now a better student academically, more involved with programs on campus, and I'm confident enough to travel alone now! 

Want to know more about Katie's experiences abroad? Email her at 




Tell us about yourself.
am a junior majoring in Chemistry and Spanish. My plan is to attend Medical School somewhere abroad. I was born in Jamaica but I now live in Winston-Salem, NC. I love to travel and learn about other cultures. I also love to dance and go on new and exciting adventures. I studied in Granada, Spain during the summer for over a month. This is my second year as a Global Ambassador! 

Do you have any future plans or ideas to travel abroad again?
I have a passion for traveling and meeting new people so I am currently in the process of finding an internship abroad this summer or finding another study abroad program this summer. I am always looking for new places to travel to.

How has studying abroad helped your personal or professional life?
Studying abroad as helped me personally because I got to experience a new culture and now I am more aware of some of the different customs of other cultures. It has also helped me personally because now I know how it feels when someone else doesn’t speak the same language as you do and they are trying to explain something to you how difficult that might be for them because it was very difficult for me at times when I was in Spain.

Do you have any advice for students interested in studying abroad?

My advice to students seeking to study abroad is don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and experience new things and places. Most people don't want to study abroad because of the fear of going to a new country away from what they are used to and they are afraid of the unknown. Don't worry about not knowing how to communicate with the people of that specific country; just pack your bags and get on the plane. You will experience the best time of your life and meet some amazing people.   

Email Melisha at with questions regarding studying in Spain.


Tell us about yourself.
My name is Grace Joyner and I am a junior here at ECU. I plan on majoring in Art Education with a concentration in Ceramics. I like to play sports, hang out with friends, and draw in my free time. I studied abroad in Italy the spring semester of 2014. We stayed in a medieval village in Tuscany called Certaldo. This is my third year as a Global Ambassador! 

Would you go back?
I would absolutely go back. I consider Certaldo, Italy my second home!

Do you have any future plans or ideas to travel abroad again?
I have recently thought about studying abroad again before I graduate, maybe somewhere different next time.

How has studying abroad helped your personal or professional life?
Studying abroad has really opened my mind and allowed my to view my life differently. Before I even thought about studying abroad I never imagined I would leave the country. Now, I can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t take that opportunity! I learned so many things about a totally different culture, and I also met so many people who I never would have met had I not studied abroad and I am very thankful that I met them.

Do you have any advice for students interested in studying abroad?
Follow your heart! Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back! It is the toughest and smartest decision you will ever make. Yes, you will be leaving your friends and family, but it is only temporary. When will you ever get the chance to live in another country for 3 months? Studying abroad will open your mind and allow you to see and think differently, for the better. You will meet new friends who will become family, live in a new environment that you will call home, and experience a new culture and gain knowledge that will change your life.

Email Grace at with any questions regarding studying in Italy.